Attorney DI

Benefits of your Attorney Disability Income Protection Program

Available to Members of New York Civil & Criminal Courts Bar Association, the Bar Association of Erie County, the Federation of the Bar Associations of Western New York, and other Sponsoring Bar Associations:

Renewal Security

Coverage is guaranteed renewable as long as:

  • You are an Attorney under age 75
  • You are active in the profession
  • You are a member of the sponsoring Bar Association and the Association continues to sponsor the program.
    (Conversion policy available).

Specialty Coverage
If your occupation is limited to a recognized specialty within the scope of your degree or license, the Company will deem it to be your Occupation. Your Occupation is the Occupation you are engaged in at the time you become disabled.

Residual Disability Protection
Included to Age 65.  This benefit pays a percentage of your Total Disability benefit according to a loss of income formula if you are partially disabled.

Favorable Benefit Limits   

  • Under Age 50 - $17,000/month ($204,000/yr.)
  • Age 50-59 - $10,000/month ($120,000/yr.)
    (Based on Health & Financial Underwriting)

Choice of Waiting Periods and Benefit Periods

Five Waiting Periods available:

  • 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days

Four maximum benefit periods available:

  • To Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA)
    (Benefits payable to SSNRA, prior to age 64; age 64-75, payable for longer of one year or to SSNRA)
  • To Age 65
    (Benefits payable to age 65, prior to age 64; one year age 64-75)
  • 7 Years
    (Benefits payable for seven years prior to age 64; one year age 64-75)
  • 2 Years
    (Benefits payable for two years prior to age 64; one year age 64-75)

To apply, you must be under age 60 and your application must be acceptable to the Insurance Company, including satisfactory evidence of insurability.  You must be a member of one of the sponsoring Bar Associations, such as the New York Civil & Criminal Courts Bar Association, the Bar Assocation of Erie County, the Federation of Bar Associations of Western New York, or other sponsoring Bar Associations.

Reasonable Rates
The group purchasing power of attorneys in the program and group administration results in favorable rates for attorney customers.

Valuable Optional Benefits Available

Recovery Benefit Rider –
    Helps You Get Back on Your Feet
    This pays a lump sum benefit on your return to work in addition to the monthly disability benefits received during disability, if you have been receiving disability benefits for 45 days or longer.

Catastrophic Disability Benefits Plus -
    Extra Benefits in Your Time of Need
    Pays an extra 30% of your monthly benefit if you are Cognitively Impaired or unable to perform at least two Activities of Daily Living, after six months

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) –
    Help Your Benefits Keep Pace with Inflation
    After you have been on claim for one year, your benefit may be increased based on changes in the Consumer Price Index
    Three Options Available

Guaranteed Purchase Option –

    When Your Income Rises, So Should Your Coverage
    Available to customers under age 40, this is an option to increase your coverage by 25% on your second, fourth, sixth, and eighth policy anniversary dates, without medical underwriting.

Worldwide Coverage

Underwritten by Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York (Athol Springs, New York)





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