The Economical Way to Strengthen Your Disability Protection

MSSNY- Guaranteed Issue Offer

For Members Under Age 50 In Active Practice

Regardless of Your Health if You Apply between

     October 15, 2020 - January 15, 2021    

Apply now via DocuSign  

First District Branch Members ONLY (Members of Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond Counties) *

*Members in Districts 2-9 will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Guaranteed Issue later in 2021. 

No Physical Exam or Bloodwork

$4,500/month ($54,000/year) in Disability Benefits

 Pays for up to 7 years

90 Day Waiting Period

Learn more about why you shouldn’t rely solely on your employer for disability income protection.

What would you do if you became disabled? Would you have sufficient income to:


  • Maintain your lifestyle – disability decreases income and increases expenses
  • Continue saving for retirement
  • Provide for your children’s future


The Disability Income Policy endorsed by MSSNY is a cost-effective way to update your income protection.  This can supplement other coverage you may already have in force. If you’re not already a member of MSSNY, you can join here.  Higher benefit amounts and longer benefit periods are available with medical underwriting.

Sellers & Co. has worked with hundreds of physicians across New York State to protect their most valuable asset . . . . the ability to earn an income.  We hope that we can be of service to you as well. Please see the brochure below for plan details.


Rate Flyer

Disability Insurance Brochure

  *See the Product Brochure and/or Policy Form DIC-N (0900) NY for details concerning policy benefits, limitations and exclusions.*

CJS622 9/20 EXP 19/21

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