Civil Service Disability 

Benefits of your Disability Income Protection Program for Civil Service Employees:


  • To apply, you must be under age 55, working full-time for the County of Erie or City of Buffalo

Coverage is guaranteed renewable as long as

  • You are an eligible Employee under age 75
  • Working full-time at your occupation, and
  • Your employer sponsors this plan. 
  • (Conversion policy available).

Benefit Amounts Available    

  • Purchase coverage up to 50% of your annual earned income up to: 
  • Under age 50 - $5,000/Month* ($60,000/yr.)
  • Age 50-54 - $1,500/Month ($18,000/yr.)
  • Age 55 & Over - Renewals Only

(Based on Health & Financial Underwriting)

Benefits Increased by 15% At No Extra Charge for Insureds Under Age 60

Premiums Paid Through Convenient Payroll Deduction

Choice of Five Waiting Periods

Underwritten by Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York (Athol Springs, New York)

Employees eligible for line-of-duty pay may only purchase the policy without occupational coverage. City of Buffalo Police, Firemen and Teachers are not eligible to participate.

Information provided is a summary only.  For complete terms and limitations, please refer to the applicable Certificate or Policy of Insurance.  Specimen copies available upon request.