Sellers Insurance Staff 

Staff Position Phone Ext.
Amy Burnett, MS, PT Vice President, Operations 229
Norma Czosnyka, ACSR Administrative Assistant to Thomas G. Sellers/
Senior Claims Administrator
Cheri Gargano, MLIS Claims Customer Service Representative 238
Sheila Glassford Senior Customer Sales Representative 215
Alan Green Senior Information Technology Administrator 232
Mary Hess Administrative Assistant to Charles J. Sellers, III 209
Matthew Hess Marketing Associate 268
Amanda Hughes Administrative and Marketing Assistant 231
Brittany Miller Premium Accounting Representative 223
Sue Noworyta, ACSR Senior Customer Sales Representative 265
Andrea Patti, ACSR, RHU

Personal & Commercial Lines Supervisor
Senior Life & Health Underwriter, ACSR, RHU
Project Manager

Barbara Roorda, ACSR Senior Customer Sales Representative,
CSR Sales & Training Coordinator
Ann Sellers, MA, GBDS Assistant Vice President of Operations/Corporate Secretary 228

Charles J. Sellers, III, CLU, ChFC,


President 210

Kathleen Sellers, JD, CLU,


Vice President, Sales 


Thomas G. Sellers, JD, CLU,


Vice President,
Treasurer/Claims Manager
Caryn Sheil Senior Premium Accounting Representative 219
Lynn Slowik, ACSR Senior Customer Sales Representative 266
Jennifer Sperduto, GBDS Senior Field Sales Representative 217
Melanie Switalski Personal and Commercial Customer Service Representative 224
Rico Suriani, CLCS Personal & Commercial Lines Account Executive 225
Ellen Zimmerman Policy Services Representative 230



Employee Testimonials

  • I really enjoy the people I work with.  I have formed many treasured friendships over the years.

    Jennifer S., GBDS

    Senior Field Sales Representative, Hired 1995

  • I love the work/life balance and flexibility the company provides.  I truly enjoy my position here and enjoy working with a management team that is supportive, cares about their employees and always open to suggestions.  My co-workers have turned into friends and I cherish the relationships I’ve made here.  The benefits are also wonderful. 

    Caryn S.

    Senior Premium Accounting Representative, Hired 2015

  • The people are truly wonderful to work for and to work with.  Very helpful and patient.  The work is interesting.  I get to be creative and work normal hours.

    Mary H.

    Administrative Assistant to Charles J. Sellers, III., Hired 2015


  • Over my many years at Sellers, I have been given multiple opportunities to grow, advance, learn, and accomplish my goals. Our flexible schedule and hybrid remote/in-office schedule gives us the best of both worlds: in-office socialization and the flexibility to work at home a couple of days per week.

    Andrea P., ACHR, ACU

    Senior Life and Health Underwriter, Hired 2002


  • Taking the time to understand their customers, Sellers Insurance is committed to building strong, long-term relationships.  Everyone in the agency is supportive and works together to exceed the customer’s needs.  By encouraging personal development of each employee and providing continuous training opportunities to help enhance our skills and knowledge, the agency enables us to provide the best service our customers. 

    Rico S., CLCS, SBCS

    Property and Casualty Account Executive, Hired 2016


  • It's close to home and free parking!  But most of all I enjoy the family atmosphere and friendships I have made.

    Norma C., ACSR

    Senior Claims Administrator, Admin. Assistant to Thomas Sellers, Hired 1983

  • I enjoy the people I work with and cherish the many friendships I have made.

    Barbara R., ACSR

    Senior Customer Sales Representative, Hired 1990