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"I was forced to cease practice due to total disability. I am a living testament to the absolute necessity of financial protection for the family of the professional. I cannot describe how much more secure these policies have made our lives than would have been the case without them. They are certainly the best financial investment I ever made, but the peace of mind we have had is beyond price. I will always be grateful to the Medical Societies for arranging this protection and to Charles Sellers & Company for exceeding every standard of caring and excellence in its delivery of benefits and service." - M.R., MD

"I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service your company provided me over the past several months with my disability insurance claim. The policy suited my needs. The claim process was uncomplicated and convenient, and the benefits I received were always paid accurately and promptly. I appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. In addition, I want to compliment Agnes Luka for the excellent service she has provided me. Ms. Luka has been knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful." - J.G.

"In July, I was severely injured in a cycling accident and I was not able to return to work as an Orthopedic Surgeon until the end of the year. Luckily, I had been introduced to Charles Sellers and had taken on disability and expense insurance earlier last year. Both of these policies were essential in giving my family, my practice, and myself peace of mind during the five months it took me to fully recover and return to work. . . .
We were extremely pleased with our experience with Charles J. Sellers & Co. Based on my situation, I would strongly encourage all physicians take a moment to revisit their disability and expense insurance coverage and ensure it is adequate." - M.Z., DO

“My surgeon father was diagnosed with a bad medical disability when I turned 10. He had the foresight to get disability insurance through Sellers, possibly one of the best decisions he made. Over the past 25 years, the funds from his insurance gave us the ability to maintain a dignified quality of life. Over the years, Sellers has been unparalleled in their service and compassion. I can't thank them enough, and intend to use them for many years to come.” - V.K. MD